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Coffee Talk May 16, 2023

The Tired Teacher Coffee Co.

Coffee Talk May 16, 2023

What's new?!

Two months into soft launch, and I couldn't feel more supported!


If you've been following social media, you know The Tired Teacher Coffee has made it into homes all over SC, and into states across the nation: Wyoming, Michigan, Illinois, Virginia, NC, and Florida! Please keep sending me your pictures, so I can share! Thank you!!


This month I rolled out the limited-time We Made It To May Mexican Chocolate, which will only be available through the end of the month. It's a specialty-grade single origin organic that is roasted upon order, then infused with all natural oils while the beans are still warm. Since it is not overpowering like traditional flavored coffee, you can enjoy any time of the day. It's super yummy with a little Kahlua or Irish cream, too!


I also released a smooth Mimi's Birdwatching Blend House Breakfast medium roast (see the video below). It is made from the finest Arabica beans from areas of South America. This is a permanent addition to the site!


Our Coffee for a Cause Collection made it's first Pet Helpers on James Island! They were so grateful! The recipient of the May/June Coffee for a Cause donation will be Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary!

The best mom raised this teacher! Celebrating her with her own Mimi's Birdwatching Blend!
Big picture

What is Specialty Grade coffee anyway?

Just like grades in school, coffee is also graded and given a cupping score!


As you can see on the graphics from the Specialty Coffee Association, many attributes are considered, and using a scoring rubric, Specialty Coffee scores above 85 on a 100 point scale! See...just like school!


According to the SCA, "Specialty coffee is a coffee or coffee experience recognized for its distinctive attributes, and because of these attributes, has significant extra value in the marketplace."

What's next for The Tired Teacher Coffee?

I am looking forward to traveling to California in June to spend some quality time at the sustainable roasting facility that handles the distribution of The Tired Teacher Coffee! Although we meet in Zoom regularly, I want to be there in person! and a huge shout out to those of you that thought I was roasting here in my 80+ year old home...I am a coffee drinker NOT a coffee roaster (plus it would likely have cat hair in it).


Toward the end of June, expect a Christmas in July flavor to jingle its way to the online site!


Over summer break, I will be creating custom labels, and spreading the word about fundraising opportunities I am offering. Know a cheerleading squad, marching band, or PTA looking for a unique fundraising collaboration? Send them my info!


I have access to many specialty grade coffees and sizes not available on my website. If you are looking for 12lbs. of Pumpkin Spice in the middle of summer? Have a restaurant, a small store, need real-estate closing gifts? I've got you! Just reach out!


How can you help me? Continue to share the love! Share my posts, share my newsletters, ask friends to follow my Facebook and Instagram! My advertising budget is bare bones right now, so I am relying on word of mouth and social media. I'm looking to build relationships with people who love a good cup of coffee and prefer to make it at home. This isn't about selling's about experiencing coffee!!

Stay Fresh!

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